PEZA celebrates 2021 National Women’s Month and joins Blood Donation Drive

In celebration of the National Women’s Month, PEZA recently held a blood donation drive at the PEZA Auditorium, Double Dragon office in partnership with the PRC. Director General Charito Plaza delivered the welcome remarks where she highlighted the benefits of donating blood, the proposed partnership between PEZA and PRC, and the strength and importance of women particularly in the workplace and in nation-building.


The 2020 18-day Campaign to End Violence Against Women comes at a time when the country is reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic that aggravated underlying gender issues and affected marginalized and vulnerable sectors. Women may experience different forms of VAW while locked down in their homes with the perpetrators, with tension rising from uncertainties in health, security, and economy creating a perfect storm. The implementation of varying community quarantine measures also hindered victims to seek help, report the abuse, and/or escape their perpetrators due to the suspension of public transportation, strict orders to stay home, and limited issuance of quarantine passes. Sexual harassment, victim-blaming, and several instances of online forms of VAW were also observed.

The campaign reiterates everyone’s commitment and contributions on ending VAW and calls on the general public to make a personal commitment to end violence against women and children.

This campaign aims to:

  • Promote awareness on the forms of violence women and girls experience;
  • Provide information on laws protecting women and girls;
  • Feature VAW-related services that people can access and avail; and
  • Promote the strengthening of a prevention and response system on VAW; and
  • Gather public support for the campaign