Enchanced Gender Mainstreaming Evaluation Framework


The Gender Mainstreaming Evaluation Framework (GMEF) is a tool to measure the extent of the gender mainstreaming efforts of organizations, both national government agencies (NGAs) and local government units (LGUs). Its also meant to assist the Gender and Development Focal Point System (GFPS) members in measuring gains and successes, as well as pinpoint areas for improvement in the way they mainstream the gender and development (GAD) perspective in their respective organizations.

The process of updating the GMEF Tool started in 2014 to address comments from users to take into account new and emerging gender issues, new policy issuances (especially the Magna Carta of Women) and the need to revise outdated indicators in the old tool. A series of internal and external validation sessions were conducted involving PCW officers, GAD Resource Pool members and selected agency GFPS members to ensure the relevance and applicability of the updated tool.

The Enhanced GMEF also used as reference indicators from the Participatory Gender Audit (PGA) and Gender Impact Assessment as well as the relevant descriptors of the GMEF Version 2001. It has also adopted the scoring system of the Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) of “No’, Tartly Yes’ and “Yes” instead of denoting only the absence or presence of a GAD element. This new scoring system takes into consideration the GAD efforts of the organizations that are still underway, such as draft policies and plans to establish GAD mechanisms.